Many events, people, and messages led me to believe that God wants to use kids to impact the world for Him. Upon a trip to The Global Aid Network (GAiN) to help sort and pack clothes, I learned about everything that they do to help hurting people in the world. The same month, I spoke with Mrs. Ashcraft, our senior pastor’s wife, for an AWANA project about missions. Our conversation ended with a discussion of Haiti. My Uncle Alan and my cousin Scott traveled to Haiti in February 2013 to drill the 12th well for an organization called Digging Wells for Hope Inc, an organization started by kids to get fresh water for Haiti! I realized that I do not have to wait until I am an adult to make a difference. Kids can make a difference everyday for God. It is the little things on a daily basis that make the big things happen.

LCBC student ministries challenged me to think about my life. Every week for a month, we heard the opening video, “The human heart beats an average of 2.5 billion times. You are only given one life. One chance…” That really impacted me and my friends. I am only given one life. How am I going to spend my time? My money? I am here for a reason. Each of us is here for a God-given purpose. We just have to find it. Many of us were moved and wanted to find our purpose. I contacted my awesome friends and asked them if they wanted to start an organization to make a difference. In the fall of 2013, fore change got started. Fore change combines our love for golf and our passion to make a difference in people’s lives.

Pastor Craig Groeschel said, “We serve a God that specializes in doing a lot with a little.” Our mission is to eliminate hunger by having everyone collect little amounts of change – from a lot of people. Change that most people throw in the cup container of their car or walk past on the pavement in a parking lot. A quarter here….a dollar there… it all adds up. Just one quarter can feed a child for a day in many third world countries. Out to make a difference, -Taylor, fore change founder

Taylor forechange

Taylor Pratte